Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Astra Convertible Roof Hoses

Astra Convertible Roof Hoses

ALNO offer both Astra convertible roof oil and roof hoses 

The life cycle of the Roof Hoses offered by ALNO that will certainly outlast the life of genuine hoses and one could argue potentially the life of the vehicle.

Yet using the wrong oil or oil at the wrong velocity will certainly shorten the life of your pump and or pump motor.

Installing the high pressure hoses therefore places additional pressure on other areas in the hydraulic system.

we have been asked if ISO VG22 is suited to the Astra convertible roof oil as it is specified for use in other convertibles well no it is the wrong viscosity not really suited to the Australian climate.

We have recently replaced new pump and motor for a client based in Tasmania the ISO VG22 was design for hydraulic systems found on earth moving equipment with much larger bores or piston diameters in comparison to those found in Astra convertibles

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