Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Astra Roof Hose

TS Astra Convertible Roof systems use engineering principles of liquid or fluid power

These Principles are traditionally found in machinery and in tools to perform simple work.

The simple work in the TS Astra case is the opening and closing for the soft top roof system.

In this application hydraulic fluid transmitted throughout the roof system from three hydraulic motors which activate hydraulic cylinders.

This opening and closing process is controlled by two roof controllers
which receive information from a number of sensors.

The system is started by the release of fluid release through one of three valves.

From time to time TS Astra Convertible Hydraulic hoses fail in many cases hose failure is due to the fatigue or aging of the hose

In the TS Astra convertibles this occurs when the car is  8 – 10 years old.

It is possible to patch up the hose but this generally results of splitting at another point in the same hose.

We believe replacing the complete hose will resut in at lease another 8 – 10 years of use at a minimum

For more information on how to replace Hydraulic roof hoses for the TS Astra Convertible.

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