Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Astra Convertible Roof Hose

Alno Product Services offer a range of Hydraluic Roof Hose For the Astra Convertibles

Why do some Astras blow one hose and others blow 5 or 6 hoses ?

Could it be the Hydraluic oil used in the Hydraluic system

In many cases the risk of blowing another hose is reduced by using the Genuine hydraluic oil as the Astra Convertilbe Hydraluic system has cross sectional areas of fluid flow that is are far lower than other convertible roof systems.

There for the pressure build up is far greater and that is why if you use a generic oil or oil specified for a different roof system there is a far greater chance of another hose blowing.

In terms of pressure build up the ALNO Hydraluic Oil used in the Astra converible

Alno Offer A Hydraluic Oil that reduces pressure build in areas of lower cross sectional area.

Is it true that The TS Astra only 6 Hoses blow yet there are 10 Hoses in the System

Yes if you are replacing a set of Hoses you will only need to replace 6 hoses, as replacing 10 hoses is a waiste of time and money

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