Sunday, 9 August 2015

Guide to getting a new hose

When buying a new hose for your Astra convertible you need to take into consideration your specific conditions in which your hose operates in order to make the right decision about the type of hose you need.

Below is a small list that should guide you through your decision.


Where are you located?

Most of our customers in Sydney tell us that their Astra Hose stopped working on a hot day.  The temperature of your surroundings can directly influence how well or how long your Astra Hose will retain functionality. 

Our Australian-made Astra hose is made specifically to withstand hot summers so you can expect a much longer life from our hoses.


How much are you willing to invest in your Astra convertible?

What are your future plans for this vehicle?

Our team at ALNO product services offer a range of Hydraulic hoses to suit the TS and AH Astra Convertibles and at a very reasonable cost.


Will you be fitting the hose yourself?

Or will you pay a mechanic to do it?

Will you take it to the Holden dealer?

We understand that instructions on how to fit your Astra hose can be very difficult to find, that’s why we offer you assistance and can provide information coming from over 10 years of experience.

ALNO Product Services is your comprehensive solution when it comes to fixing the hose on your Holden Astra.

With regard to the Astra Hydraulic Hose ALNO supply a direct replacement convertible hydraulic hose for both the TS and AH Astra Convertibles.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Bad fitting Advice

Just out to make a quick buck

Selling Astra roof hose - from jeans to Astra roof hose in one year 

This guy is a fast mover

Don't get burnt by a sales person who will stop selling roof hoses when they find something else to sell or will stop answering your questions once it gets all to hard

The Convertible Specialist who a year ago was selling clothes on EBay has now move to selling car parts.

We have published parts of the guide as it is not protected by copy write we could publish it all.

If this guy was serious why not protect your information with copy right.

The ALNO tech support team will not be offering assistance for customers that have followed this guide.

Although we will be taking consumer details if any of them wish to start a class actions against this shady character they are quite welcome.

The first thing we notice is there is no warranty or guarantee with guide they are not sure if this guide works.

Especially there are no Astra Parts sales going back more than one year on their EBay account yet we have been contacted by 8 consumers in assisting to get there hose fixed that have purchased roof hose or the roof guide

Two key point where this guide falls apart - in not getting your roof working
  1. Locking Mechanisms are repairable check out Astra Roof Locking Mechanism
  2. Going to get a cup of tea will not stop the beeping in your roof - Well the beeping occurs when the controller has not received a signal from a sensor.
    It has nothing to do with a cup of tea.
    The roof controller does not know how much oil is the the reservoir the roof controller just times out or it has not received the signal within a set time frame.
    The roof will still work if the roof oil is below the min. line
  3. Putting power steering fluid in your roof system will slow your roof don't and it will be more prone to beeping as the velocity of the fluid slows the roof to a crawl. Furthermore the hydraulic pump and pump motor will over heat as the fitting instruction suggests will happen. For more in on Roof Oil

Finally one of our customers sent us this snap shot of an email communication between the convertible specialist

Is it Paul or is it Rodger who knows but when you call Rodger answers the phone and when you put the phone number into facebook you get Rodger Rogerson but the email via EBay claims to be Paul or is it just another fake profile.

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Quality Astra Roof Hose

ALNO Product Services have been getting Astra convertible roofs moving for than ten plus years. 

Today 50% of product is purchased by Holden Dealers across Australia and New Zealand.

For Quality Australian Built Roof Hose, Roof Latches, Roof Oil and other roof components

You cannot go past ALNO Product Services for value for money

Our team have over ten plus years of owning and driving Astra convertibles there are not many issues the team at ALNO Product Services cannot fix.

Having said that we have seen back yard fixes that one would not believe when it comes to cutting and shutting hoses.

By cutting and shutting hose only fixes one end of the hose where the other end of the hose blows in the coming weeks.

Cutting and shuting hose is not economically viable as you will need to perform the same operation on each end of the hose. Where one could fit a new higher pressure hose with new stainless steel fittings.

In our ten plus years of replacing astra roof hoses the only time we have need to replace hydraluic cylinder is when consumers have used VG22 roof oil.

In many cases higher quality roof hose have been replace the orignal roof hose yet the wrong roof oil has caused cavition which in turn blew a hydraliuc cylider seal

ALNO Product Services Australia made roof hose offer a smooth opening and closing

Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Cabriolet parts specialise in roof parts for the Opel Astra.  Our core difference is our manufacturing quality, our cost effective components manufacturing, and our wealth of trade experience. 

We will answer all of your questions and enquiries so don’t hesitate to ask. Check out our products and our online store to purchase our parts. 

If you’re looking to utilise the services of a highly experienced company who have been manufacturing and reconditioning parts for many years then get in touch with us now. Our dedicated team will be glad to help. 

We guarantee absolute customer satisfaction by producing extremely high quality craftsmanship that is consistently accurate & always delivered on time.






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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Power Steering v Roof Hydraluic Fliud

Power Steering vs. Roof Hydraulic Fluid

Ok both systems use a vane pump and are driven by a 12V electric motor but that is where the similarities end

Power Steering Fluid is design to operate at temperatures up to 100 degrees and the system must operate when there is no oil present. It is just a safety feature.

Where Roof Hydraluic oil is design to operate from zero to fourty five degrees as crazy as it maybe but there is heating in the seats

In an Astra Convertible Roof the Hydraulic oil needs to be present for the system to operate and the viscosity of the oil is significantly different in terms of operation pressures and cavitation.

There are no safety features when your roof does not move

Note a power steering system will still operate yet noisy and take greater force to turn a steering wheel on comparison to a Convertible roof system the roof will not work.

Over the past ten year we have seen many roof with power steering fluid replaced by hydraulic roof oil and these roofs replace hoses more regularly are pron to hose failure in both hot and cold climates.

At ALNO we are yet to replace a Pump motor that has been operating with roof hydraulic oil.

For the price of $50 - $60 the amount of head aches in terms of fault finding or roof problem diagnose it is not woth that in the labour cost.

ALNO have been assisting Astra Convertible owners for the past 10+ years for information

Sauce Bottle Mechanics

This year we have now replaced 2 hydraulic pump manifolds with red particles blocking fluid flow and we could not identify these red spongy particles or where they had originated from.

The team at ALNO thought it was impurities in the power steering fluid that were used

Holes in the hydraulic manifold are as small as 0.4mm in places and the smallest particle with create a blockage in the hydraulic system

Where were these particles were coming from and how many Astra's will this effect?

It all became clear today when we came into contact from a customer whom purchased hose from eBay with a set of instructions from an eBay account claiming to be a convertible specialist.


DO NOT use a sauce bottle to fill your oil Reservoir unless you want to replace your pump manifold.

These instructions suggest to use a sauce bottle to fill the pump reservoir why would someone suggest to use a sauce bottle to fill the reservoir. When one can undo the two nuts at the base of the pump tilt the reservoir so the opening of the reservoir is pointing upward and fill it past the max line about 3-5mm.

With or without a funnel is your choice.

The hose that has been replaced has no oil in it and once the roof hose has been primed then the oil level with drop between the minimum and maximum lines.

Furthermore on top of the reservoir there are two lines moulded into plastic indicating min / max lines to assist with the tilted filling process and there are two additional lines on the side of the reservoir.

No need for a cup of tea and no Beeping .... the roof just works  

For more information on what oil to use in your convertible roof and why one should not use power steering fluid in there convertible roof hydraulic system.

If you love your car why risk harming it with backyard solutions

Some car wreckers offer a great service ......
The others that don't know what they are doing ......
And they should be placed back in jail

 Power Steering Fluid will distroy your pump only use Holden oil or ALNO Astra Roof Oil

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