Sunday, 9 August 2015

Guide to getting a new hose

When buying a new hose for your Astra convertible you need to take into consideration your specific conditions in which your hose operates in order to make the right decision about the type of hose you need.

Below is a small list that should guide you through your decision.


Where are you located?

Most of our customers in Sydney tell us that their Astra Hose stopped working on a hot day.  The temperature of your surroundings can directly influence how well or how long your Astra Hose will retain functionality. 

Our Australian-made Astra hose is made specifically to withstand hot summers so you can expect a much longer life from our hoses.


How much are you willing to invest in your Astra convertible?

What are your future plans for this vehicle?

Our team at ALNO product services offer a range of Hydraulic hoses to suit the TS and AH Astra Convertibles and at a very reasonable cost.


Will you be fitting the hose yourself?

Or will you pay a mechanic to do it?

Will you take it to the Holden dealer?

We understand that instructions on how to fit your Astra hose can be very difficult to find, that’s why we offer you assistance and can provide information coming from over 10 years of experience.

ALNO Product Services is your comprehensive solution when it comes to fixing the hose on your Holden Astra.

With regard to the Astra Hydraulic Hose ALNO supply a direct replacement convertible hydraulic hose for both the TS and AH Astra Convertibles.


  1. Great Hose Great fitting instructions easy to understand

    Great Experience all round

    Jane Perth

  2. Hi

    Has anyone worked out what to do with the roof problems yet? I have a 2005 astra, roof wont work at all just keep getting very loud beeping sound

    Had the Holden Dealer look at it a couple of weeks ago and asked them to investigate the problem and after charging me for 2 hours labour they decided they are still not sure what the problem is

    As none of there employees are train to work on these convertibles any longer.

    Can ALNO help out

    Karren Brady

  3. Just Found this great link

  4. Hi, my name is Mike, i live in Cyprus that is a part of EU

    My hydraulic hose on Opel Astra Bertone 2005 G broke the other day and i am looking for replacement.

    I am sending a pictures of the broken hose as attachment in this email, please have a look.

    Hose is 3.12 m long and its a left side ( the longer one ) from drivers perspective when i sit in the car.

    Is it possible just to buy one hydraulic roof hose from you? Do you do deliveries to Cyprus?

  5. Hello Mike,

    Thanks for you Post.

    The team at ALNO offer two type of roof hose to suit your Opel Astra Bertone 2005 G

    We are happy to deliver to Cyprus it should be there in less than 12 days

    The imported Hose can be found at!/Hel-R-H-Hydraluic-Hose/p/43103934/category=12462045

    Australian Made Roof hose can be found at!/R-H-Side-Astra-Convertible-Roof-Hose/p/43085885/category=12462044

    If you have any questions please feel free to email our team at

    Team ALNO

  6. Dear Info and sales

    I contacted you late last year regarding the clips for the hoses

    You advised you would have some early this year.

    Just wondering if you have them in stock now

    Thank you



  7. Hello Colin,

    Thanks for your post.

    Colin the Team at ALNO are happy to assist with supplying and of the fixings when you purchase our hose


    Team ALNO

  8. Hi folks,

    Do you have any advice about the TS convertible roof release cables? Both of the metal eyelets have popped off the ends of the two cables that release or lock the cover for the convertible roof stowage compartment. Do you guys stock these? Or any advice how I could get them repaired?

    By the way, the hose set I bought from you is still working awesomely a year later - thanks!


  9. Hello Tim,

    It is always good to hear that our products are still working.

    Tim in terms of the rear release cable for the stowage compartment, the team at ALNO recondition your latch cable set.

    If you removed the latches (two nuts on each latch) and detach the cables up to the spring and forward them to

    10/11 Donaldson St
    Wyong NSW 2259

    reconditioning generally takes a day dependent on our work load


    Team ALNO

  10. Hello

    I have a Holden Astra convertible 2002 model. I have trouble with the electric hood. I was wondering for your advice on the matter or if you know of anyone closer to Perth who can fix it?

    Thanking you


  11. Hello Imelda,

    Thanks for your post.

    Imelda we have a number of suppliers in Perth and you can always take your Astra to a Holden Dealership.

    The best bet is to take a video of your Astra and record there the roof stops.

    The team at ALNO will we be to advice on what the issues are or what parts need to be replaced to get your roof functioning again.

    Please forward your video to

  12. I had three hoses fitted by the Mobile Hose Fixers in three weeks and a fourth hose failed the next day.

    From what I have read and what I can see these hoses are welded together and if the hole on one side of the weld does not match the hole on the other side then there is a pressure increase as the hydraulic oil does not flow smoothly through the hose.

    On the fourth hose failure this time a hose that Mobile hose fixers fitted I had Eric from ALNO Fly to the gold coast and he replaced the whole set of hoses.

    I operate my roof daily and have been doing so for more than 6 months now

    I would love to say one big Thank you to Eric and the Guys at ALNO for there advice on getting the right hose.

    Don't continue to suffer with hose failure especially from hoses that have been cut and shut.

    ALNO Manufacture new hose and new fittings


    Julie - Southport

  13. Julie I to had spoken to the guy at the mobile Hose fixers

    He asked me if I had been to the wreckers

    He asked if I had got Holden prices

    He asked me if I had got prices from the wreckers and then told me that there the only business that fits hose to Astra on the Gold Coast.

    I just felt that this guy was selling me a 2nd hand car

    I went straight to ALNO

    New hose New Fitting what else can you ask


  14. Thanks to responding to our email Guys

    Hope to fill this page with all your customer stories

  15. ALNO great service great information and a product that lasts

    David Morton

  16. Hi,

    I am after a hydraulic hose for the electric roof mechanism for a Peugeot 306 Cabriolet, 1999. It has the newer style pump, see attached photos for fitting end that goes into the pump.

    The pipe is 1.3m long

    Philip Bond



  17. Hello Phil,

    Thanks for your e-mail

    Phil can you send us a picture of the hose ends to be sure we have the correct hose to suit your Peugeot.

    As the Peugeot had two different types of hose

  18. Hello

    its jackie again,

    Thanks for all your help and the hose

    I would like to let you know I have booked in my car and they hopefully will be able to fix it on Monday.

    I will email them your details in-case they need any advice.

    Lets hope all goes well and wen its 27 degrees later this week i will be driving with the roof down and music blaring.


  19. Hi,

    I was hoping for some advice for my Astra convertible. The roof hydraulics system needs a new hose and nobody seems to want to touch it to fix it. I have resorted to trying to sell it but realised it needs to be fixed or sold to somebody who will fix and on-sell to make any sort of money from it.

    Do you have any contacts who might be able to help me fix or sell as is?

    The car is located in Melbourne.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Hello Lauren,

      Thanks for your email our team regularly travel to Melbourne along with the other states to fix these convertible roofs

      We are there every 2-3 months


      Team ALNO


  20. Hi,

    I have recently bought a 2001 holden astra convertible. I have had it for about a month now and not had any problems with the roof opening and closing at all until today. Today I put the roof down like every other day no problem but then when going to put it back up it has not done anything except beep. After trying several time I check the manual to put it up manually. I lift the hatch an find the hose has a rather bad leak in it and also looks like something is not right with the cable possibly broken from somewhere it is ment to be attached to. If you could possibly direct me to a mechanic who will know what they are doing in Adelaide or possibly just the parts I might need this would be very helpful.

    Thankyou in advance


  21. Robert

    Thanks for your email our team regularly travel to Melbourne along with the other states to fix these convertible roofs

    We are there every 2-3 months

  22. Hi i have an astra 2003 soft top and need to top up the hydraulic fluid i was wondering if there was a substitute oil i can purchase.

    Regards Tracey

  23. Does alno hydraulic hoses still exist?
    Your website is never going.