Monday, 27 July 2015

Bad fitting Advice

Just out to make a quick buck

Selling Astra roof hose - from jeans to Astra roof hose in one year 

This guy is a fast mover

Don't get burnt by a sales person who will stop selling roof hoses when they find something else to sell or will stop answering your questions once it gets all to hard

The Convertible Specialist who a year ago was selling clothes on EBay has now move to selling car parts.

We have published parts of the guide as it is not protected by copy write we could publish it all.

If this guy was serious why not protect your information with copy right.

The ALNO tech support team will not be offering assistance for customers that have followed this guide.

Although we will be taking consumer details if any of them wish to start a class actions against this shady character they are quite welcome.

The first thing we notice is there is no warranty or guarantee with guide they are not sure if this guide works.

Especially there are no Astra Parts sales going back more than one year on their EBay account yet we have been contacted by 8 consumers in assisting to get there hose fixed that have purchased roof hose or the roof guide

Two key point where this guide falls apart - in not getting your roof working
  1. Locking Mechanisms are repairable check out Astra Roof Locking Mechanism
  2. Going to get a cup of tea will not stop the beeping in your roof - Well the beeping occurs when the controller has not received a signal from a sensor.
    It has nothing to do with a cup of tea.
    The roof controller does not know how much oil is the the reservoir the roof controller just times out or it has not received the signal within a set time frame.
    The roof will still work if the roof oil is below the min. line
  3. Putting power steering fluid in your roof system will slow your roof don't and it will be more prone to beeping as the velocity of the fluid slows the roof to a crawl. Furthermore the hydraulic pump and pump motor will over heat as the fitting instruction suggests will happen. For more in on Roof Oil

Finally one of our customers sent us this snap shot of an email communication between the convertible specialist

Is it Paul or is it Rodger who knows but when you call Rodger answers the phone and when you put the phone number into facebook you get Rodger Rogerson but the email via EBay claims to be Paul or is it just another fake profile.

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  1. The team at ALNO have replaced 5 set of roof latches and 2 of these need there pump and pump motor replaced.

    Following these instructions

    Using the wrong roof oil will burn out your pump motor

    For consumers that have tried to fit roof hose with out the correct tech support help.

    If you love you car why risk it

  2. That post is Spot on

    This guy paul or rodger

    Who ever it is has no idea

    Kept my money never offered a refund

    And was not able to assist in opening the roof

    I wasted hours trying to get that roof open with pointless emails that did not help

    Went to ALNO and they open the roof in less than 10 mins.

    I highly recommend the team at ALNO

  3. Gee Harry we just put that post up you must of recieved it by email.

    Please note everyone is free to post on our site

    Happy Blogging
    Team ALNO

  4. Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for the hoses, arrived very quickly and in perfect condition, obviously much better quality than the originals.

    They have completely sorted out the leaking hydraulic fluid problem and now my wife can use the roof on our 2001 Astra without worrying whether it will stick open when raining !

    I highly recommend your advice & product.

    Brian Johnston
    Gold Coast QLD

  5. Hi Anthony

    I'm happy to let ur potential customers know this buy experience was faultless.

    The roof hose you sent was perfect just like OEM the price was reasonable.

    Fitting instructions were perfect we had it all done in 1/2 hour we saved heaps of money doing it ourselves.

    It’s a pretty easy job to do.

    T. Jackson
    Northern beaches
    Sydney Australia