Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Power Steering v Roof Hydraluic Fliud

Power Steering vs. Roof Hydraulic Fluid

Ok both systems use a vane pump and are driven by a 12V electric motor but that is where the similarities end

Power Steering Fluid is design to operate at temperatures up to 100 degrees and the system must operate when there is no oil present. It is just a safety feature.

Where Roof Hydraluic oil is design to operate from zero to fourty five degrees as crazy as it maybe but there is heating in the seats

In an Astra Convertible Roof the Hydraulic oil needs to be present for the system to operate and the viscosity of the oil is significantly different in terms of operation pressures and cavitation.

There are no safety features when your roof does not move

Note a power steering system will still operate yet noisy and take greater force to turn a steering wheel on comparison to a Convertible roof system the roof will not work.

Over the past ten year we have seen many roof with power steering fluid replaced by hydraulic roof oil and these roofs replace hoses more regularly are pron to hose failure in both hot and cold climates.

At ALNO we are yet to replace a Pump motor that has been operating with roof hydraulic oil.

For the price of $50 - $60 the amount of head aches in terms of fault finding or roof problem diagnose it is not woth that in the labour cost.

ALNO have been assisting Astra Convertible owners for the past 10+ years for information

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  1. This Converitble Specialist on EBay has not Idea

    Power Steering v Roof Hydraulic Fluid

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