Monday, 27 July 2015

Quality Astra Roof Hose

ALNO Product Services have been getting Astra convertible roofs moving for than ten plus years. 

Today 50% of product is purchased by Holden Dealers across Australia and New Zealand.

For Quality Australian Built Roof Hose, Roof Latches, Roof Oil and other roof components

You cannot go past ALNO Product Services for value for money

Our team have over ten plus years of owning and driving Astra convertibles there are not many issues the team at ALNO Product Services cannot fix.

Having said that we have seen back yard fixes that one would not believe when it comes to cutting and shutting hoses.

By cutting and shutting hose only fixes one end of the hose where the other end of the hose blows in the coming weeks.

Cutting and shuting hose is not economically viable as you will need to perform the same operation on each end of the hose. Where one could fit a new higher pressure hose with new stainless steel fittings.

In our ten plus years of replacing astra roof hoses the only time we have need to replace hydraluic cylinder is when consumers have used VG22 roof oil.

In many cases higher quality roof hose have been replace the orignal roof hose yet the wrong roof oil has caused cavition which in turn blew a hydraliuc cylider seal

ALNO Product Services Australia made roof hose offer a smooth opening and closing

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