Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Sauce Bottle Mechanics

This year we have now replaced 2 hydraulic pump manifolds with red particles blocking fluid flow and we could not identify these red spongy particles or where they had originated from.

The team at ALNO thought it was impurities in the power steering fluid that were used

Holes in the hydraulic manifold are as small as 0.4mm in places and the smallest particle with create a blockage in the hydraulic system

Where were these particles were coming from and how many Astra's will this effect?

It all became clear today when we came into contact from a customer whom purchased hose from eBay with a set of instructions from an eBay account claiming to be a convertible specialist.


DO NOT use a sauce bottle to fill your oil Reservoir unless you want to replace your pump manifold.

These instructions suggest to use a sauce bottle to fill the pump reservoir why would someone suggest to use a sauce bottle to fill the reservoir. When one can undo the two nuts at the base of the pump tilt the reservoir so the opening of the reservoir is pointing upward and fill it past the max line about 3-5mm.

With or without a funnel is your choice.

The hose that has been replaced has no oil in it and once the roof hose has been primed then the oil level with drop between the minimum and maximum lines.

Furthermore on top of the reservoir there are two lines moulded into plastic indicating min / max lines to assist with the tilted filling process and there are two additional lines on the side of the reservoir.

No need for a cup of tea and no Beeping .... the roof just works  

For more information on what oil to use in your convertible roof and why one should not use power steering fluid in there convertible roof hydraulic system.

If you love your car why risk harming it with backyard solutions

Some car wreckers offer a great service ......
The others that don't know what they are doing ......
And they should be placed back in jail

 Power Steering Fluid will distroy your pump only use Holden oil or ALNO Astra Roof Oil

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  1. Many Thanks to ALNO

    They were able to open my roof and change the hose in a professional manner

    They were able to open the roof where the instructions from the so called specialist could not.

    Could not answer or return my phone calls

    Could not get my roof open

    Took my money and ran but still advertises on Ebay

    Thanks ALNO

  2. Its funny Backyard hacks make ALNO more money with replacing pumps, motors, latches, roof controllers and hose due to under engineered stupidity.

    Is that a double negitave ?

  3. Got My Astra Sort by the guys at ALNO

    Roof works like New


  4. I purchased an Astra that had been hit by those Sauce bottle mechanics.

    Sauce bit all through my hydraluic system

    Who ever wrote those instructions should be take to court i need to get the whole system replace.


  5. Anthony Asked me to leave a message

    ALNO got my roof working again for $50

    Thanks Anthony

    Sue - NSW Central Coast